For all those who are in love madly with their partner and thinking about giving surprise to them on Valentine’s Day, here in this article you will found several Valentine’s Day Table Decorations. All these tips will definitely add wow to your valentine romantic dinner. Creating a romantic dinner table is easy, whether you want something modern or bold & dramatic.


Decorate your Valentine’s Day table with classically romantic multi-colored roses. To give a whimsical touch to your romantic decoration, combine red & pink roses with black and white accents. You can also put the single rose bud in gold vase and place throughout your table. If you are a creative person & want to show your creativity & love to your loved one, then the best idea is to create a Flower Chandelier. Add a touch of theatre in your Valentine’s Day party or dinner with gorgeous hanging Flower Chandeliers. You can make it on your own in few simple steps.

  1. 1. Attach two rings or loops with Fishing line
  2. 2. Attach Foliage (e.g. jasmine vine) to the smaller ring that is up to give it a dense look.
  3. 3. Attach Fresh Flowers to the bigger ring upside down.
  4. 4. Don’t forget to consider the size, shape & color of the flower.

You can also use the artificial flowers to create this Flower Chandelier for your home. This would definitely be an incredible statement centerpiece.

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When you are organizing a romantic dinner for two, never sully your partners face with simple crumbs. Give your dream or fantasy a creative twist with the napkins folded into a rose shape and add adorable roses to your table. Watch this video to create a rose napkin.



Swap out the common silverware cutlery with rose gold or copper cutlery with the hues of pink or white. To personalize your table, add a hand-lettered name-card which your partner will never forget. Above we have discussed to create napkin in form of a rose, if you want to decorate in another style, you can use rings for napkin holder. You can use “Heart Paper Napkin Rings” or “metallic romantic napkin holders” or simply place a rose stick on a napkin and tie it up with a rope or ribbon.

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Captivate your loved ones with romantic candlelight as the soft glow of light flatters all the skin tones and creates a loving or sensual mood. Use brightly colored candles to give a bold look or use white colored candles to complement any table décor. To add an ultimate touch of class, use golden colored candle holders. If your dinner table is near a swimming pool, then add floating candles and flowers in the pool to give the water an intoxicating glow. If you don’t have golden candle holder, fill the glass with rose petals & water & put a floating candle over it. This will add a romantic feel to your table.

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This Valentine Day, give your partner a fairytale experience by candle lighting, flower decoration and more. We hope the above Valentine’s Day table decorations will definitely inspire your next romantic date. Looking to give your sweetheart a perfect gift for Valentines Day? See our best-selling imported collection of products.