The duffel bag is a must-have accessory for every person as it makes the life easier & stylish. With time, it has been transformed into multiple looks. Moreover, a duffel bag is more ideal for quick getaways or long weekends as compared to suitcases. You simply just have to take it out & pack your items quickly. They are also ideal for a short ride, train drive, picnic, or if your trip involves multiple forms of transportation.

A duffel bag is such a bag that is a must-have for all of us, without any exception. Duffels are now becoming a popular choice among travelers as they are often light in weight than standard luggage bag. Whether you are going to a gym, for sports activity, or on a weekend outing duffel bag is ideal for one & all. This post consists of the guidelines that will help you to purchase the best duffel bag. These tips will help you to avoid mistakes that you can make while purchasing it.


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1. Purpose

Firstly ask yourself, what is the purpose to buy a duffel bag? Do you need it for long travel & need to commute by train or flight? If yes, then it is advisable to buy the one with wheels so that it can be dragged easily on train stations or airports. However, if you want to buy for an excursion, gym, then excuse wheels. Remember to buy a bag that is lightweight, has strong shoulder straps that make it easy for you to carry without facing any issue.


2. Capacity

The next parameter is to check the capacity of the bag. The number of compartments does it have? Are they easily accessible? Does it have hidden pockets or any other special feature? Having the hidden pockets inside the bag allows you to keep/carry your cash or expensive items easily & securely.


3. Closure System

While buying any bag ensures that the bag you pick is relatively secure. You will get unlimited variants with this feature, from belts to zippers to drawstrings; choose the one that suits you best. When choosing for the zipper bags, the bigger the zipper, the better it would be.


4. Durability

In terms of durability, first thing that comes to mind while buying a travel bag is its fabric. The leather seems to be the best option as it is not affected by mildew & doesn’t mold when exposed to constant moisture. Besides this, seams of the bag are also crucial and play a significant role as the stronger the seams, the more you can load. A good quality bag has lock-stitched seams, which is taped from the inside. The bags in which exterior seams have piping are stronger as it provides additional strength.


5. The Price

This is a straightforward question and an obvious point to discuss. It is not obvious that the cheaper bag has the lower quality or vice-versa but at the same time. Don’t Base you’re your selection on the cost of the bag. There are lots of online stores today, which offers bags of high quality at best prices. Choose the one in your price range and enjoy traveling.



The aforesaid points will help you to choose the perfect and an ideal bag that fulfills all your needs.