How to Pick the Right Handbag - A Guide for Every Woman

For women, handbags are an extremely important accessory to accompany just about any type of outfit. First of all, the handbags serve the utilitarian needs. You can stuff in a lot of essential items in your handbag. However, although it is a great deal about function it does not mean that your handbag has to be dull and boring. The bag could be the part of the style statement and hence you don’t have to necessarily stick to the basics. Matte, neutral, and sedate colours are perfect for certain occasions. But that does not mean you cannot have some fun. Here are a few things to consider while buying women hand bags.

Look for versatility

It would be so wonderful if you could switch bag with every second outfit you wear. But we are sometimes constrained by money, time, and even the desire. Not every woman wants to have a hip wardrobe. Some of them want to look nice and cool but without having to break a sweat. In that case, you would want to buy bag (or bags) that are versatile and go well with all colours and types of outfits. Brown and black are the most versatile colours that can complement every type of attire. But you can also look at metallic and some shades of white. They can be a welcome alternative.

The bags that stand out

For every day looks, casual is the key. How quickly you can slip into your faded jeans pants and off-white tee is just amazing. That’s the kind of toned-down look that we see most of the time. You don’t always have to be flashy with your outfit. But, your mellowed down attire may look a little dull and even lifeless. To give it some new loan of life you can carry the bright and vibrant coloured bags. These women hand bags can be in bright red, pink, and orange colour. Yellow is another colour that may shine out in this case.

Bigger bag to carry lots of things

If you are someone who likes to carry a lot of things in the handbag, you must consider buying a bigger bag. A small bag will look overstuffed and really sloppy. It can totally steal away the style you have been trying to build. You can carry two bags, but that doesn’t seem very practical. Instead, go for a larger bag which can easily accommodate the items of your choice. It would be a good idea to keep a wallet inside the big bag.

Match it to your size

This is another important thing you will want to consider. Carry a bag that is proportionate to your size. Too large a bag to your size would actually take all the attention away from you (unless of course you plan to carry lots of stuff as mentioned above). If the bag is too small it would look pretty awkward.

Buy the bag when you have to

Don’t wait for the bag to completely wear out before you buy the new one. Always keep the bag up with your sense of styling. Worn out bags don’t look good.