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  • Why “Only Imported” for online shopping?

Only Imported” is the most reputed and sincere online store. It can fulfill all your demands in online shopping. No other online store can give you such a unique collection with super attractive offers that our company gives.


  • What is so different about “Only Imported”??

“Only Imported” has brought a collection of imported products only. You can get your favorite product from any part of the world through “Only Imported”. International products at such a reasonable price can be found only in “Only Imported”.


  • Is the delivery process lengthy?

Our company gives you a product with full of care. The delivery process is a bit lengthy only for the international products because it gets you the products of all over the world. We get you the products of Germany, USA, Australia, Russia, Hong Kong, England, South Europe and many other countries. Our aim is to satisfy your demands with full dedication. It takes only 15 to 20 days for the delivery of such unique international products. Normal products are delivered in just 7 days.


  • How can we track our order?

You can track your ordered products through our website by the tracking number provided during the purchase. We contract with only the best courier services who handle your products with care and safely deliver it to you. Time to time update is done on our website about your purchased product so that you can get the exact status.


  • How long does a product need to be delivered?

It solely depends on what is the product and from which country it is coming from. We try to deliver the products in less than 15 days but sometimes it takes a little more time but in maximum 20 days an international product is delivered at your doorstep.


  • What to do if we cannot track our order on the website?

Our customer service is always there to help you out. The customer service numbers provided in the website will let you speak to our customer service executives. They will help you in all respect regarding your purchased products.


  • What are the different payment methods for completing the payment for an order?

You can make your payment through credit card. Whenever you select any product from any country it will show you the price in both currencies which will help you to make payment through your card. Our payment gateways are secured with SSL encryption to make your payments safe and secure.


  • How to cancel a product order?

You can always cancel any order before shipping.  Once the product has been shipped the option of cancellation of the product closes.


  • What is the mode of refund of money in case of cancellation of any product?

As soon as any product order is cancelled the money automatically is refunded in your card which was used to make the payment. There is another method of refund if you choose. Your money will be kept as credit in your account of website and you can use it in your future purchase.

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