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Your Privacy is Our Top Most Priority

Only Imported is totally dedicated for the safety of our customers & protection of their privacy by securing the information they provide on our website. We understand that you are concerned about your privacy and the safety of the personal and general information submitted by you on our site. With us you can be assured of complete respect of your privacy and data safety.

Our site collects information filled up by you and some information is collected by your pattern of shopping with us. The information you provide us is important in order to provide proper and accurate services to you which are based on your individual habits and specific choices. We assure our customers that their information will not be given, sold or rented to any third party for their marketing purpose without your information and consent for the same. We store and process this information at various locations on various computers which are located at number of places. For this storage we use servers which are protected by physical and technological safety devices offered by third party vendors. It is not possible for us to guarantee the standard and extent of security offered by those vendors. Hence, this privacy policy is strictly limited to the manner your information is collected and processed by us.

We keep your data with us in order to serve you properly, and to meet the specific purpose it was collected for . We do not collect or store any kind of payment information on our servers provided by you during a purchase with us. All the transactions take place on authorized payment gateways and the data are captured by those authorized payment gateways only.

Sharing Your Personal Information

When it comes to sharing your personal data while finalizing your purchase, you put in your name, address, email address and mobile number. We collect and store this data for any sort of claims made from your end or for any return that might take place. We also collect the payment information like card details but stay assured that all payment processing takes place under a safe transaction gateway monitored by a third party. This information is important in order to finish the purchase of an order, processing the payment for the order and hence ensuring the delivery of the order to the customer.

Your contact details can be used to contact you in future through call/SMS/emails & inform you about our products & your orders.

Your data also may be used for other miscellaneous purposes like contacting you in case we have any queries, collection of payment, sending relevant information about products based on your shopping habits, enable you to use specific segments of our site, detection and protection of fraud, providing you location based services, sending you invite for exciting special offers, site abuses and improving and maintaining quality standards of our site.

We reserve right to share your information to any third party who reaches us with a request for its disclosure with a legally compliant procedure. In such cases you agree for disclosure of your information.

At the time of signing up with Only Imported you agree for certain marketing communication from our side. If at any point you feel uncomfortable with this marketing communication and do not want to be a part of it any more you may opt out of the service by clicking Unsubscribe link provided in the email sent by us. Within 10 working days after receiving your instruction we will remove you from our mailing list. In case of an unclear instruction we may contact you for clarification.

Payment Fraud Prevention

Although we do not store any payment information ourselves, we are strict about the prevention of frauds related to online payment methods used by us. We use only standard and authorized third party payment gateways with high security standards and our Fraud Prevention Policies are aligned to the safety standards of these companies. In addition to these measures, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software which encrypts the information you input placing it in a very secure zone.

Miscellaneous But Safe Use of Your Personal Information

We may use your personal information for use in various product opinions, brand opinion, shopping process opinion & experience opinion with any market research. Though, during these researches and opinion collection procedures, your details will remain anonymous and will be used only for statistical purposes. Any answers to any of such surveys or market researches will not be sent to any third parties by Only Imported. Your answers will be saved separate from your email address. Your email address will be disclosed only in case you take part in any competition where it is necessary to send your email address. You may choose to opt out of this service any time.

We may also send you other information about our website, the company, our products, sales promotions, special offers and newsletters, other vendors on our site, other companies of our group, our business partners etc.


Cookies are identifiers that are transferred to your computer through your web browser to provide you with specialized features like personalized advertisements, sending you offers particularly designed for you based on your online habits and storage of items in your shopping cart. Cookies can be used to identify the internet protocol address of your computer while you are surfing on our web site, or trying to login into the site. It will positively save your time and enhance your experience. We only use cookies to help you in a better way. It makes for us easy to recognize you when you enter specific parts of your account on our website without your having to enter your personal details like email address and password again. However, it’s not mandatory to accept cookies to visit and use our site. We would also like to make it clear that some functions and orders on our site only work with the activation of cookies. We assure you that cookies are free from viruses and they do not, in any way, collect or store your personal data. If you still want to remove cookies from your browser, or wish to know in detail about them you can study these details online and be more confident before taking a decision.

Data Security

We are determined to provide our customers the best and latest security measures available so that their information and is secured with us in the best possible way. Our security system prevents all the unauthorized and unlawful access to your account and any loss of data or damage to the information provided by you. Whenever any data is entered by you on our website it is stored on secure servers which are enforced with firewall security.

Payments for any purchases with us are accepted electronically. For the safe transactions SSL (Secure Socket Layer) coding is used which is encrypted to make it very tough for a hacker to decrypt and pose a security threat. Still, we advise you not to send complete credit or debit card details in any payment related communication or processes with us. We use all the possible physical, electronic and process related safety measures to ensure a safe environment on our site. We believe that you understand that no security method can provide a 100% guarantee. What we ensure here is the best possible technology and methods to ensure complete privacy and a secure atmosphere on our site. As an extension to our security procedures we may ask for a proof of identity at the time of disclosure of your personal information to you.

Agreement of Consent

This privacy policy document informs our customers of all the strict privacy and security measures we use to provide and maintain a safe and secure shopping experience on our site. We have communicated about all the data collection and storage procedures, cookie, payment security methods that take place when you enter and shop on our site.

By registering with us, entering your personal and general information & data of any kind and using our site, you give your consent to our use of your data in the way it is described in this privacy policy.


This privacy policy is a copyright of Only Imported. Use of this policy in a part, parts or as a whole document is prohibited. If any copyright infringement is found, it may invite a legal action.

Regarding any suggestion, query or to leave a comment send your email on We would be really happy to hear from you.

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